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Bridgestone is helping its customers from the over 80 years, the company is best for the quality tyres. In 2014 it is became worldwide Olympic partner too. Bridgestone is supporting the athlete in their journey. Our offered tyre has High Durability and they are mostly known for the greater longevity. You can choose Bridgestone tyre for the smoother journey.

Profits & Margin in Bridgestone Tyre Dealership

For Bridgestone profit and margin depends of the sales which you have made. You will get upto 8% profit on your sale.

Documents required for the Bridgestone Tyre Dealership

Document required for the bridgestone tyre is ID proof like Adhar card, PAN card etc. you also need address proof, property document etc.

Space Requirement for the dealership

WFor the bridgestone tyre dealership it required 800- 1200 sq ft space. Below are the given space details

For shop space you need space for 100-200sq ft.

For gowdown it required 300-500sq ft. space

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Are you looking for the Bridgestone tyre franchise then you are at the right place, tyres are one of the most important part in car, if you have good tyres then your journey will be smooth. Bridgestone tyres offer the franchise in the automotive industry, our products are the leading in the industry. You will get the benefit of dealership, We work with the you for creating the better and smooth journey. If you are choosing the bridgestone dealership the minimum purchase is 53-40 tyres, you need approx 5-6lakh INR for starting the dealership.

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